Your Online Storage Solution now offers online backup storage for your PC.  Have you ever had a USB storage device loose all data, hard drive crash, computer get spiked by a thunder storm and loose all information on your computer? Ever hear of someone buying a computer, using it for about 3 months and suddenly everything goes dead and all data is lost even after going to great lengths to have the hard drive recovered to no avail? If any of these things have happened to you.  Webconsepts now has a solution for every computer you own, The BisManBackup online storage solution. You backup everything important from your computer online:

  •  So you don't loose any important data

  •  Backup files

  •  Internet Explorer favorites

  •  Desktop Folders

  •  Important Word Documents

  •  Pictures

The list is endless. BisManBackup allows you to set up daily, weekly or monthly backups at the time of day you choose. Contact us today for your free trial. I'm convinced once you see how easy it is you'll wish someone would have offered this years ago. Try a 30 day free trial today. Contact Merlin today at or call 701-220-6591 for more information. You will be given a username and password and if within the 30 day trial you decide you definitely want BisManBackup you can purchase an account for your business computers. Your BisManBackup account will includes a Security Certificate as well as 25 GB of online storage.

  • Security Certificate Included With Each Computer

  • Cost Effective Online Backup

  • Tip of The Day User Training

  • Local Support

  • Best Encryption in the industry by Blowfish

  • 25 GB Shared Online Backup

  • Unlimited Number of PC' s to share backup storage per account setup