Employee Tracker

WebconSepts.com now offers the all new EMPLOYEE TRACKER.  Take the hassle out of keeping track of time off with this simple effective system:

  • Ease of Entry

  • Anniversary  Date built into the Employee Drop Down Menu

  • Track Vacations

  • Track Training and Out of Town School Classroom Training

  • Track Funerals

  • Track Sick Leave

  • Track Personal Family Time off

  • Eliminate Confusion of each Associates remaining time off

  • Use to Promote because of Training taken

  • Use to Gain Control of Chronic Lateness

  • Use to Gain Control of Chronic Leaving Earliness

  • Use to Promote Based on Tracking History

  • Use to Correct Non Conformance

It’s Simple!! Schedule an employee’s time off in just 5 easy steps:

1.       Select The employee from a Drop Down Menu (Preloaded by WebconSepts.com)

2.       Select the date from the Calendar

3.       Select the Time used from a Drop Down Menu

4.       Select a Status from a Drop Down (Vacation, Sick, Personal, Funeral, School)

5.       Fill in the Description (Note used to jog the memory of the Employer or Employee) i.e.: Family Reunion, Back Surgery, Flu, Bad Cold, Family Vacation Black Hills…

It’s that easy! Call today and get your employee tracking system on Track today!!!